Flexible Affordable Single-Cell Sorting …and Dispensing!

Nodexus is driven by the needs of the everyday researcher – the NX One offers multi-functional capabilities in one accessible package.

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Affordable and easy to use - we’ve designed the NX One to be accessible to everyone

Unprecedented pricing

Low capital and running costs accommodate any budget

Walk-up usability

Easy setup and a user-friendly wireless interface allow any untrained researcher to begin sorting in under 30 minutes

Contamination-free workflow

Pairing the fully integrated system with low-cost microfluidic cartridges offers fully disposable flow paths, minimal biohazardous waste generation, and no aerosols

High viability for your most precious samples

40x lower pressure than traditional sorters maximizes cell survival

Have you encountered bottlenecks with single-cell sorting and dispensing?

The NX One provides a universally accessible platform for your routine workflows.

Explore the NX One

The NX One platform couples compact hardware with an intuitive software interface which ensures that anyone in your team – from first-time users to veteran ‘flow jocks’ – can setup, analyze, sort, and dispense single cells in minutes.

Modes of operation

e.g. single cell dispensing for cell line development

e.g. selection of GFP+ population for CRISPR workflows

e.g. quickly enrich target populations into standard, medium, or deep well plates

e.g. dispensing of
reagents/media for sample prep and processing

e.g. phenotype characterization of antibody stained cells

Microfluidic cartridge - contamination-free with minimal waste

  • Low-cost cartridges enable detection, sorting, and dispensing all in one – no additional tubing or connections needed
  • Samples never enter the instrument – contamination-free design minimizes biohazardous waste, generates no aerosols, and eliminates cross-over contamination

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We understand our customers because we’re a team of scientists and engineers who have experienced research bottlenecks firsthand – almost always due to not having access to enabling tools. We’re passionate about designing empowering platforms at a price that every lab can afford and which anyone can use.