One versatile instrument to power innovation

Learn how the NX One can streamline your workflows, accelerate your research, and open up new opportunities for discovery.

Cell line & antibody development

Clonal expansion has never been simpler. Use the NX One’s flexible sorting modes to easily isolate the high-producing recombinant cell lines.

CRISPR & gene editing

Optimize your gene editing efficiency by detecting and isolating transfected cell populations using the NX One’s highly-specific 1- to 3-color detection.

Cell & gene therapy

Protect the sterility and minimize cross-contamination of your precious samples using the NX One’s individually-packed, disposable cartridges.

Single-cell genomics & RNA-Seq

Isolate single cells with minimal perturbation to biology for your downstream analysis and ‘omics needs.

Stem cell & rare cell isolation

Preserve the viability of fragile cell populations that typically suffer through conventional sorting methods by leveraging the NX One’s gentle operating pressures (less than 2 psi) for sorting and dispensing.

Spheroids, organoids, tumoroids & other cell clusters

Accurately sort and characterize a range of particle types, including spheroids and organoids, across a wide range of cell diameters by employing the NX One’s flexible flow switching methodology.

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